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Full Tour Package 15 Days 14 Night 


Day 01: Welcome: Southampton, England (DEPARTS 16:30) 

Welcome aboard Navigator of the Seas

Southampton’s history precedes it. The area has been linked to kings, novelists and even pilgrims. Visit the Southampton Maritime Museum, the City Art Gallery or the magnificent Windsor Castle on your unforgettable journey.






Day 02: Cruising

Whether you seek an adrenaline rush or total tranquility, our ships have it all. Try rock climbing, ice skating and mini golf on green that overlooks a sea of blue. Melt away land-based stress with a spa massage, build a scrapbook of memories or simply relax poolside.






Day 03: Cruising 

Onboard, dining is about more than just food. Think ambience, variety and the flexibility to decide when and what you savor.






Day 04: Port of Call: Gibraltar, United Kingdom (ARRIVES 12:00 DEPARTS 18:00 (DOCKED)

A tiny peninsula and outpost of Britain attached to Spain’s Costa del Sol, Gibraltar has played an over-sized part in history thanks to its famous Rock, the massive headland that offers views of the sea, the ocean and two continents.



port-gib-mustsee1        port-gib-mustsee2



Day 05:Cruising

When our ships hit the high seas, the excitement of Casino Royale® kicks off. Try your hand at our card tables, spin to win at roulette, and hit it big time with the pull of a slot machine.






Day 06: Port of Call: Nice (Villefranche), France (ARRIVES 09:00 DEPARTS 18:00 (TENDERED) 

Nice is a cosmopolitan city where you’ll find a colorful Old Town, elegant Belle Epoque architecture, French Riviera chic and much more. The ship anchors just outside city limits, in the deep blue bay of picturesque Villefranche-sur-Mer.



port-nce-mustsee1         port-nce-mustsee2



Day 07: Port of Call: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 19:00 (DOCKED)

From the monuments of the ancient empire to the pursuit of la dolce vita, the Eternal City is an unrivaled open-air museum and a lively modern metropolis. The tiny enclave of Vatican City is home to sacred sites and priceless art.



port-rom-mustsee1         port-rom-mustsee2



Day 08: Port of Call: Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 19:00 (DOCKED) 

Livorno is your gateway to beauty of Tuscany, including spectacular Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and a city of priceless cultural treasures, and Pisa, whose landmark tower is a legacy of its days as a medieval maritime power.



port-flr-mustsee2        port-flr-mustsee1



Day 09: Port of Call: Genoa, Italy (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 15:00 (DOCKED)

Set between sea and mountains, Genoans built up, with cake-like layers of colorful buildings, winding streets and staircases that form Europe’s largest medieval center. You can also visit the scenic towns of the Italian Riviera from here.



port-goa-mustsee1         port-goa-mustsee2



Day 10: Cruising 

World-class performers from across the globe come together on our ships to WOW you from morning to night. Catch Broadway musicals, the DreamWorks Experience, ice-skating spectaculars — plus thrilling casino action, live comedy and music, bars, clubs and much more.






Day 11: Port of Call: Malaga, Spain (ARRIVES 09:00 DEPARTS 16:00 (DOCKED)

The lively capital of Costa del Sol is an eclectic mix of historic and modern like Moorish palaces, a Renaissance cathedral and cool tapas bars. Visit great and chic seaside towns or travel inland to Grenada and the famous Alhambra complex.



port-agp-mustsee2         port-agp-mustsee1



Day 12: Port of Call: Lisbon, Portugal (ARRIVES 12:00 DEPARTS 19:30 (DOCKED)

The discoveries of early explorers made a small kingdom a world power and its capital a wealthy city. Your explorations in Lisbon can include the village-like Alfama district,churches, castles, and elegant 18th-century squares.



port-lis-mustsee1         port-lis-mustsee2



Day 13: Cruising

Kids will never be bored onboard. Our complimentary Adventure Ocean® Youth Program is packed with totally awesome stuff for babies, teens and kids in between — like pajama nights, science experiments, scavenger hunts and theme parties.





Day 14: Cruising

Whether you’re celebrating a life milestone, a special day or a special someone, you’ll enjoy extras that make for a truly unforgettable voyage.






Day 15: Port of Arrival: Southampton, England (ARRIVES 05:30)\

Southampton’s history precedes it. The area has been linked to kings, novelists and even pilgrims. Visit the Southampton Maritime Museum, the City Art Gallery or the magnificent Windsor Castle on your unforgettable journey.



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