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Full Tour Package 12 Days 11 Night 


Day 01: Welcome: Venice, Italy (DEPARTS 17:00) 

Welcome aboard Vision of the Seas

Discover the magic and mystery of Venice, a city built entirely on water. Along the iconic Piazza San Marco, elaborate buildings attest to its splendor and elegance. But the city’s character lies along crooked calli and across little bridges.






Day 02: Port of Call: Dubrovnik, Croatia (ARRIVES 12:00 DEPARTS 20:00 (DOCKED)

Set between cobalt seas and the rugged Dinaric Alps, Dubrovnik is a medieval delight. Behind the thick defensive walls of its Old Town, discover lively promenades and narrow lanes lined with churches, monasteries, shops and cafes.



port-dbv-mustsee2        port-dbv-mustsee1



Day 03: Cruising 


Whether you seek an adrenaline rush or total tranquility, our ships have it all. Try rock climbing and experience whimsical aerial shows that take place high above. Melt away land-based stress with a spa massage, build a scrapbook of memories or simply relax poolside.






Day 04: Port of Call: Valletta, Malta (ARRIVES 08:00 DEPARTS 18:00 (DOCKED)

In 1530 Malta was given to the Knights Hospitallers, who built a Christian stronghold and the capital, Valletta, behind whose fortifications you’ll find Renaissance splendors that seem to be untouched by time.



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Day 05: Cruising 


Onboard, dining is about more than just food. Think ambience, variety and the flexibility to decide when and what you savor.






Day 06: Port of Call: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 19:00 (DOCKED) 

From the monuments of the ancient empire to the pursuit of la dolce vita, the Eternal City is an unrivaled open-air museum and a lively modern metropolis. The tiny enclave of Vatican City is home to sacred sites and priceless art.



port-rom-mustsee2        port-rom-mustsee1



Day 07: Port of Call: Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 19:00 (DOCKED)

Livorno is your gateway to beauty of Tuscany, including spectacular Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and a city of priceless cultural treasures, and Pisa, whose landmark tower is a legacy of its days as a medieval maritime power.



port-flr-mustsee1        port-flr-mustsee2



Day 08: Port of Call: Nice (Villefranche), France (ARRIVES 07:00 DEPARTS 19:00 (TENDERED) 

Nice is a cosmopolitan city where you’ll find a colorful Old Town, elegant Belle Epoque architecture, French Riviera chic and much more. The ship anchors just outside city limits, in the deep blue bay of picturesque Villefranche-sur-Mer.



port-nce-mustsee2        port-nce-mustsee1



Day 09: Cruising


When our ships hit the high seas, the excitement of Casino Royale® kicks off. Try your hand at our card tables, spin to win at roulette, and hit it big time with the pull of a slot machine.






Day 10: Port of Call: Palma de Mallorca, Spain (ARRIVES 08:00 DEPARTS 18:00 (DOCKED)

A rugged island with fine beaches, Mallorca welcomes travelers seeking sun, sea and sand. Its capital city of Palma is home to a lively café and arts scene, historic sights and an Old Town of twisting lanes and hidden courtyards.



port-pmi-mustsee1        port-pmi-mustsee2



Day 11: Port of Call: Ibiza, Spain (ARRIVES 08:00 DEPARTS 18:00 (DOCKED)

Behind the medieval walls of Ibiza Town there are museums, shops, galleries, cafes and more. The White Island also is home to lively beaches, traditional villages and natural beauty found in quiet coves, coastal trails and piney woods.



port-ibi-mustsee1        port-ibi-mustsee2



Day 12: Port of Arrival: Barcelona, Spain (ARRIVES 07:00)

A top European center for art, architecture, design and cuisine, this stylish city has its own language and culture. The soul of old Barcelona is its Gothic Quarter; outside the medieval district, discover iconic landmarks and more.



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